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Welcome To The National Drug & Poison Information Center

Our Mission:

We are committed to providing accurate, unbiased, factual drug information or consultations which are primarily given in response to drug inquires received from all healthcare professionals, and the general public.

Our aim is the integration of locating, analyzing, applying and communicating information concerning different drug therapies, usually for use by the person in a decision-making role in patient management.

Our mission will be supported by specially trained and highly skilled pharmacists in the use of reliable drug- information resources.

We will help in building and advancing healthcare systems and play a constructive role in society.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to set the standard for pharmaceutical care to ensure safety and quality in the delivery of healthcare to patients.

Our Objectives:

• To solve patient- related therapeutic problems and to train other practicing or future pharmacists.• To develop, and help implement protocols or policies for the safe and effective use of medications available in health systems

• To develop continuing education programs to keep the practicing healthcare professional up to date on the latest and most innovative drug therapies.• To provide complete unbiased drug evaluations for the review of P&T committees in different healthcare systems

• To implement and participate in pharmacovigilance studies.